The TCA : Terribly Commun -or- Amazing ?

Un événement qui déroule son tapis - qu'il soit rouge ou bleu - est l'occasion à saisir afin de montrer son âme de fashionista. Qu'elles soient glamour, rock'n'roll ou bohème, nos starlettes se doivent d'être impeccables et de bon goût sur le Carpet. (ou impeccablement de mauvais goût si elles souhaitent faire le buzz. Gaga, si tu me lis.) Autrement dit, il n'y a pas de demi-mesure. Petit topo des looks des Teen Choice Awards qui avaient lieu ce dimanche 6 août : fashion faux-pas ou élégance ?

An event that roll out his carpet - whether red or blue - is the opportunity to show our soul of fashionista. Whether they are glamorous, bohemian and rock and roll, our starlets need to be impeccable and tasteful on the Carpet. (or impeccably with a bad taste if they wish make the buzz. Gaga, if you read me.) In other words, there are no half measures.
Look at this little debrief of the Teen Choice Awards that took place this Sunday, August 6 : fashion mistake or elegance ?


      Blake Lively absolutely gorgeous in this leather orange                             Rachel Bilson was the most pretty brunette
       dress by Gucci and Louboutin shoes. She is always                               of the night. With this cute Chloe dress and
       proving us that she doesn't need a stylist, and she is                               Brian Atwood boots, that she matches with
                right. She got fashion in her blood !                                                    a romantic hairstyle and natural make up... 
                                                                                                                                          She is just a little beauty.

Avril Lavigne is far from being a fashion icon but she deserves a good point with this little black dress from her collection. For once, she is elegant and glamour. The doll would never look like being 30.
Nina Dobrev, always a super simple outfit. Pretty little D&G dress and high heels. She knows what makes her look perfect. Sexy little girl ! Always natural. You got it, I hate her.
Rebecca Black, knows as the most hated person in the world, isn't that bad for her first Carpet. Plus, she won a price ! Then congrats Rebecca.
*You could have been here Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana and Zoey Deschanel


What the Hell Tyra Banks ? Did she believe she was cat-woman or... ? Yes, the S&M style is trendy but we didn't meant THIS. Please keep leather suit away ! (look at the yellow nails matching, damn.)
Taylor Swift, you're a diva, you're precious, you're cute, and you won a lot of prices that night. But you're NOT Miss Monroe. Stop wearing little white dresses, I'm getting tired of it darling.
It's time for Fergie to get a stylist. Or to change it. And get a new hairdresser. You're a star Fergie, but not Carpet ones. Out !


I have alwayysss loved Kaley Cuoco. Isn't she gorgeous ? And let's be honest, she has been a super host for the TCA ! Her Carpet's dress would have been perfect if it wasn't too... long. Sorry baby. But still beautiful !
Demi Lovato, back from the ashes, looks very happy. Glad for her. Even tho her dress isn't the best thing she wore, it could have been better with nude heels or another color. These green Louboutin aren't welcome here.
Kat Graham looks like an angel. Almost looks like an angel. Less is more baby, just take off these,...you know... These long fringe streaming from your shoulders.


Nothing to say about Fivel Stewart. Right dress, right shoes, and hell right clutch. She just looks amazing ! Well done.
Kim, dear Kardashian. Look at your right, look at your left, you see...? This is what look gorgeous means. This dress wasn't for you, in any cases. Sorry if you wanted to look like a swan, but you loose front of the Teens.
Lucy Hale. Remember that name. This girl was absolutely STUNNING and it's not a pretty little liar (haha). Super sexy with this Cengiz Abazoglu dress and these heelless Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. (yes ma'am!) Short, nude, sequins. Yes, Lucy was flawless & sensual.
*You could have been here Ashley Greene.


When you are as white as snow, and you have red hair, you need to wear colors that makes the contrats between your skin and your outfit.
Who won ? Who loose ? Guess it.

Xox, Fashiomina!

3 commentaires:

  1. Girl, you hit the nail on the head. Where to start? oh Tyra, poor thing, what happened? Not sure about Kourtney K. a bit frumpy (bad camera angle?)-or mayb just me? The Kardashians are hard because sometimes they get it right and sometimes...oh so wrong. Taylor's dress looked like it was swimming on her, just didn't really fit/suit her silhouette. My top fav. would be: Nina, Kinda liked all the PLL girls( did u see Lucy's heels??? whoa!),Holland, Blake... And as for Demi's Louboutins? CAN I HAVE THEM? :P hahaha

  2. i love that you included blake lively..
    i would sssooo rock that outfit..tweeted abt it the nite of the awards.
    Loved the post!


  3. Wesh agresse pas ma Gaga toi ! (By Tu Sais Qui)
    La seule qui m'a éblouie c'est Blake Lively. Et encore, c'est difficile à l'avouer car j'ai comme qui dirait un problème avec sa tronche.
    Après je trouve que c'est vraiment bof tout ça, mais façon les TCA c'est un truc pour les gosses, c'est pas là qu'on trouve les tenues les plus glamours et sophistiquées. Xoxo


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