Dear Oscar,

Our Chouchou and Loulou. Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy. Representing the French talent and the French Beauty. The Artists !

On l'a attendu, longtemps. Oscar, Ô Oscar... Oui, au singulier. Parce qu'avouons-le, nous français(es) n'étions intéressés que par UN seul Oscar, celui du meilleur acteur... Et c'est avec grande fierté qu'on voit notre Loulou partir à la conquête d'Hollywood. Il l'a eut ! Quand on voyait Jean Dujardin faire le chameau il y a plus de 10 ans, et qu'on le voit aujourd'hui à nous sourire à l'américaine, avec ses dents ultra white, on a presque la larme à l'oeil... Je vous l'annonce dès maintenant, l'année 2012 va être marquée par le retour à la mode du prénom Jean ! Ou John, à l'anglaise. Trève de cette minute  hommage et émotion, venons-en aux robes...

Ce qui est drôle, c'est que je n'ai jamais les mêmes goûts que les reviews des journalistes... Rassurez-moi, et dites que vous êtes quand même un peu d'accords avec moi vous !!! Quelques exemples pour illustrer tout ça, et en même temps, partager mes coups de coeur ! (bah oui je vais pas parler des 36000 nanas aux jambes de 3mètres qui ont défilé)
Surtout, dites moi si vous êtes o-kaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! (hommage à Clavier, Christian de son prénom) Je suis inquiète pour mes goûts.

We waited, for a long time. Oscar, Oh dear Oscar. Yes, the singular word. We have to admit it, us, Frenchies, were interested with only a SINGLE Oscar : the Best Male Actor. And it's with a hude pride that we can see our Loulou going to Hollywood. He got it ! We could all see Jean Dujardin doing camel's face more than 10 years ago, and he is now doing this so American smile, with those super white teeth; it almost makes us a bit weepy... Lemme tell you ! Jean is going to be the trendy name of the 2012 births; or John, with the American accent! Well, end of this tribute and emotion moment, let's talk 'bout the dresses...

The funny thing is that I never have the same taste of the journalists' reviews... Please reassure me and tell me you agree with me !!! Lemme show some examples to illustrate that fact, it will also allow me to show you my favorites ! (duh, I won't post you a picture of all the 36000 girls with those 2 meters legs who walked the carpet)
Above all, tell me if you're okay with me ! I'm worried about my tastes !


Until there, everybody agree. You do right ? Milla Jovovich is stunning with this Elie Saab gown ; Jessica Chastain is truly a favorite...
She looks amazing with that Alexander McQueen creation. And Rooney Mara... Ah! I guess I'm becoming addicted to her style.

I HATED - or almost -, THEY LOVED.

Everyone is saying that Michelle Williams was the most beautiful of the carpet. Am I the only one hating this Vuitton dress?
And Berenice Bejo... Oh Frenchie, I would love to support you, but I think this Zuhair Murad gown wasn't for her. You agree? ...And Emma Stone.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON I know loved her style. I actually love this dress, but this is just not for her. Don't like that big bow for this little Stone.

I love what they hate, and vice versa.

I fell in love with Gwyneth Paltrow. I could have put her in the Best of the Bests category but then I read... That magazines didn't like her.
WTF ? She looks perfect !!! Doesn't she ? Perfect style.
They also hated Cameron Diaz... Even though I don't like her new haircut and her new addiction to botox, her dress is gorgeous. She is gorgeous,
actually. Why do the magazines say she is horrible ? Poor thing.
AND I HATED Stacy Kleiber, also known as Georges Clooney's doll; I mean, she is beautiful, but... What's that gift package ?

Youpiiii for once I do agree with the journalists ! Angelina Jolie - and her leg - were absolutely flawless. Red lipstick, no jewels... Just a leg.
That's how she rocks. And the smile ! How rare it is for her.
And Natalie... Oh Natalie. What happened to your gorgeous style ? Remember what a beauty you were last year... Please, burn that printed dress.
This is so NOT for the Oscar ceremony.

Are you more me or more the magazines ?

Xox, Fashiomina!

4 commentaires:

  1. The position of Angelina Jolie has been criticized, and many video we shot in making fun of her! I love her dress me

  2. Dans l'ensemble je suis largement de ton côté moi ^^

    By Ginger

  3. Haaa non. Emma Stone était magnifique.Et Nathalie Portman aussi et j'aime bien Jessica.


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