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Ayant été absente mille ans du blog, je voulais faire un article reprenant les meilleurs looks des Red Carpets de ce mois... Entre les Golden Globes, les SAG Awards, les PCA et les NMA, on était gâtés en looks ! Cependant, au fil des photos, je me suis rendue compte que si je devais vous choisir les meilleurs, je devrais vous poster 3/4 des looks... Oui, les flops se font rares. C'est la crise, même pour nos mauvaises langues ! 
Je ne vous poste donc que la sublime Lea Michele qui lors de trois red carpet d'affilés n'a commis aucun faux pas... 

Une poupée aux People's Choice Awards, ultra sexy aux SAGAwards et glamourissime aux Golden Globes. Loin de la tête à claques de Glee, Lea Michele devient une vraie icône. Bravo, je dis waow !

Have been absent a thousand years of the blog, then I wanted to do an article showing the best looks of this month's Red Carpets... Between the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the PCA and the NMA, we were spoiled by the dresses ! However, over the pictures, I realized that if I had to choose the best, I would post 3/4 of the looks... Yes, the bad ones are rare. This is the crisis, even for the gossips !
So, I'm only posting the wonderful Lea Michele who did not commit any mistake throught these three red carpet in a row.

A doll at People's Choice Awards, super sexy and at the SAGawards and very glamourous at the Golden globes. Far from the dork of Glee, Lea Michele is becoming a true icon. Bravo, lemme say waow!

Xox, Fashiomina!
Surprise ! At the 5000th visit, new design for the blog :-)

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  1. She definitely does not look dorky but if thats what dorks looked like, im very happy to convert :P hahaha. She doesn't seem to do much wrong. I loved Sofia vergara SAG dress. It was stunning and pink is my signature colour :))
    Cant wait to read what you've got coming up

  2. Entièrement d'accord avec toi ! Elle est surprenante

    By Ginger


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